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Student Biological Microscope, Binocular
Student Biological Microscope, Binocular
Student Biological Microscope, Binocular
Student Biological Microscope, Binocular


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Student Biological Microscope, Binocular

  • High Quality Compact Design Student Biological Microscope
  • WF10x/18mm Wide Field Eyepiece
  • Monocular, Binocular Head 45° Inclined, 360° Rotatable
  • Double Layer Mechnical Stage 110x120mm Moving 70x20mm
  • Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focuing Konb, Light Source Brightness Adjustable

ItemsA11.1009 Student Biological MicroscopeDE
HeadMonocular Head, 45° Inclined, 360° Rotatable 
Sliding Binocular Head, 45° Inclined, 360° Rotatable 
EyepieceWide Field WF10x/18mm
WF10x Eyepiece With Pointer
NosepieceTriple Nosepiece 
Quadruple Nosepiece 
Achromatic Objective4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 40x/0.65(S) 
4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 40x/0.65(S), 100x/1.25(S,Oil) 
20x 60x
StageDouble Layer Mechanical Stage, 110*120mm, Moving Range 70*20mm
FocusingCoaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing
CondenserAbbe Condenser N.A.1.2, With Iris Diaphragm, With Blue Filter, Rack & Pinion Up/Down Adjustment
Light SourceIncandescent Lamp Illumination 15W, Brightness Adjustable 
LED Lamp Illumination 1W, Brightness Adjustable 
Spare PartsDust Cover, Spare Bulb & Fuse
Note:""In Table Is Standard Outfits,""Is Optional Accessories.
Model No. A11.1009-E A11.1009-D
BF ——
Optical System
Achromatic Achromatic
Standard Magnification
40x-1000x 40x-400x
Optional Magnification
40x-1600x 40x-1600x
Head Type
Sliding Binocular Monocular
Head Inclination
45° 0-35° Tiltable
Head Rotation
Head Rotate 360° Head Rotate 360°
Head Interpupillary
55~75mm ——
Head Diopter
Left Tube Adjustable ——
Eyepiece Features
Wide Field Wide Field
Eyepiece Diameter
23.2mm 23.2mm
WF10x/18mm, 2 pcs WF10x/18mm, 1 pc
Nosepiece Holes
4 Holes 3 Holes
Nosepiece Features
Outward Backward
Objective Type
Achromatic Achromatic
Achromatic 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 40xs/0.65, 100xs/1.25(Oil) Achromatic 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 40xs/0.65
Working Stage Type
Double Layers Mechanical Double Layers Mechanical
Working Stage Size
110*120mm 110*120mm
Working Stage Moving
70*20mm 70*20mm
Focusing Features
Safety Stop Screw Safety Stop Screw
Focusing Type
Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus ——
Condenser Type
Abbe + Iris Diaphragm Abbe + Iris Diaphragm
Condenser N.A.
1.20 0.7
Condenser Features
Rack & Pinion Up/Down
With Filter Holder
Rack & Pinion Up/Down
With Filter Holder
Condenser Specification
With Blue Filter With Blue Filter
Light Source Type
LED Incandescent
Transmit Light
1W LED, Brightness Adjustable 15W, Brightness Adjustable
Power Supply Type
AC 100V-240V Wide Voltage AC 100V-240V Wide Voltage

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