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Zoom Stereo Microscope, 0.67~4.5x
Zoom Stereo Microscope, 0.67~4.5x


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Zoom Stereo Microscope, 0.67~4.5x

  • Continous Zoom 0.67x-4.5x Binocular & Trinocular Head
  • 6.7x-45x, Up To 2x-270x With Optional Eyepieces & Auxiliary Objectives
  • High Eyepoint, Dia.30mm WF10x/20mm Diopter Adjustable, WF15x, WF20x, WF25x Optional
  • Working Distance 105mm, Up To 26~287mm With Auxiliary Objectives
  • 35 Kinds Stand Optional, Details See A54.3630


Eyepiece WF10X/20mm, High Eyepoint, Eyepiece Tube Diopter Adjustable
0.67x-4.5x, Magnification Up To 3.35x-270x With Optional Eyepieces And Auxiliary Objectives
A54.3640 35 Kinds Stands Optional For Different Usage & Condition
A23.3667  Series Zoom Stereo Microscope SpecificationBT
HeadBinocular Head, 45° Inclined, 360°Rotatable, Interpupillary Adjustment 54-75mm 
Trinocular Head, 45° Inclined, 360° Rotatable, Interpupillary Adjustment 54-75mm, With Eyepiece Adapter Focus Adjustable,
Light Split Fixed P50:E50, Simul Focal Design To Show Image On Both Eyepiece & Photo Port At Same Time
EyepieceWF10x/22mm, Dia.30mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable
Zoom Range0.67x~4.5x
Zoom Ratio1:6.7
Magnification6.7~45x, Up To 2x-270x With Optional Eyepieces & Auxiliary Objectives
Working Distance105mm, Up To 26~287mm With Auxiliary Objectives
Field Of View0.9-109.5mm (Detail See Optical Data Sheet)
FocusingPole Stand Coarse Focusing Range 50mm, Tension Adjustable
Track Stand Coarse Focusing Range 74mm, Tension Adjustable
Stand35 Kinds Stand Optional, Details See A54.3630
Choose Model According To Cata. No. Like:
A23.3667-B1  Means Binocular Head With B1 Stand
A23.3667-B1TMeans Trinocular Head With B1 Stand

A23.3667 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope Optical Data Sheet
Zoom Lens0.67x~4.5x
Auxiliary Lens0.3x0.5x0.7x0.75x1.0x(Standard)1.5x2.0x
Working Distance287mm177mm120mm117mm105mm47mm26mm
View Field(mm)109.5-16.365.7-9.846.9-6.943.8-6.532.8-4.921.9-3.316.4-2.4
View Field(mm)79.6-11.947.8-7.134.1-5.131.8-4.723.9-3.615.9-2.411.9-1.8
View Field(mm)59.7-8.935.8-5.325.6-3.823.9-3.617.9-2.711.9-1.89-1.3
View Field(mm)44.8-6.726.9-4.019.2-2.817.9-2.713.4-2.09.0-1.36.7-1.0
View Field(mm)37.3-5.623.8-3.616-2.2514.1-2.2511.9-1.87.9-1.26.0-0.9

Optional AccessoriesCata.No.
HeadBinocular Head + WF10x/20mmA53.3667-B
Trinocular Head + WF10x/20mmA53.3667-T
EyepieceWF10x/22mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mmA51.3622-1022
WF15x/16mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mmA51.3622-1516
WF20x/12mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mmA51.3622-2012
WF25x/9mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mmA51.3622-2509
WF30x/8mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mmA51.3622-3008
Auxiliary Lens0.3x, W.D. 287mmA52.3622-03
0.5x, W.D. 120mmA52.3622-05
0.7x, W.D. 117mmA52.3622-07
0.75x, W.D. 116mmA52.3622-75
1.5x, W.D. 47mmA52.3622-15
2.0x, W.D. 26mmA52.3622-20
CCD AdapterEyepiece Adapter Focus AdjustableA55.3623-E
1.0x, Focus AdjustableA55.3623-10
0.50x, Focus Adjustable, For 1/2"CCDA55.3623-05
0.35x, Focus Adjustable, For 1/3"CCDA55.3623-35

Model No. A23.3667 A23.3667L A23.3645N A23.3645
Stereo Stand Type
Pole Stand Pole Stand Pole Stand Pole Stand
Working Distance
100mm, Up To 30~165m —— —— 100mm
Stereo Zoom Ratio
1:6.7 1:6.7 1:6.5 1:6.5
Focusing Scale
0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 ——
Focusing Range
0.000000 Pole Stand Coarse Focusing Range 50mm
Track Stand
0.000000 Pole Stand 50mm

Track Stand 74mm
Focusing Type
Coarse Only Coarse Only Coarse Only Coarse Only
Focusing Features
Tension Adjustable Tension Adjustable —— Tension Adjustable
—— —— —— WF10x/22mm, 2 pcs
Eyepiece Diameter
30.0mm 30.0mm 30.0mm 30.0mm
Head Diopter
Both Tube Adjustable Both Tube Adjustable Both Tube Adjustable Both Tube Adjustable
Head Interpupillary
54~75mm 54~75mm 54~75mm 54~75mm
Head Rotation
Head Rotate 360° Head Rotate 360° Head Rotate 360° Head Rotate 360°
Head Inclination
45° 45° 45° 45°
Head Type
Seidentopf Binocular Seidentopf Binocular Seidentopf Binocular Seidentopf Binocular
Standard Magnification
6.7~45x, Up To 2x-270x 6.7~45x, Up To 2x-270x 7x-45x, Up To 3.5x-270x 7x-45x
Optical System
Greenough Greenough Greenough Greenough
Simul Focal —— —— ——
Standard Function

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