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9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M


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9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M

  • 5.0 M, 9" LCD, 1/2.8" CMOS, LCD Viewing Angel Free Adjustable
  • USB2.0 Real Time Image Output, TF Card, USB Mouse Control Menu For Measure
  • Specially Optimized LCD Digital Stereo Microscope
  • 0.7~4.5x Zoom Stereo Microscope With Pole Stand
  • Up LED Right Light Source Brightness Adjustable

A36.1502 Zoom Stereo Microscope Optical Data Sheet
ObjectiveStandard 1.0xAuxiliary 0.5xAuxiliary 0.75xAuxiliary 2.0x
EyepieceMagView FieldMagView FieldMagView FieldMagView Field

A36.1502 9 LCD Digital Stereo Microscope, 5.0M
HeadTrinocular Head, Both Eye Tube Diopter Adjustable
Light Split Switch E100:P0/E0:P100
With Eyepiece Adapter + 1.0x C-Mount
EyepieceWF10x/20mm, Both With Eye-cup
Zoom Lens0.7~4.5x
Zoom Ratio1:6.5
Magnification7x-45x, Up To 3.5x-180x With Optional Eyepieces And Auxiliary Lens
W.D.Working Distance100mm, With Standard 1.0x Lens
F.O.VField Of View 1~95.2mm
Light SourceUpper 56 LEDs Right Light Brightness Adjustable A56.2103-A
StandB1 Pole Stand, Size 220*255mm, Pole Height 240mm, Dia.32mm
A59.3509 9"LCD Digital Camera, USB+Mouse Measure, 5.0M
Sensor1/2.8"Sony Star Light Level CMOS Sensor
Resolution5.0M CMOS
LCD Screen9"LCD, Resolution 1024x600 High Clearance Screen
OutputUSB 2.0 Type-A, TF Card
Pixel Size2.0x2.0um
Power SupplyDC 12V/2A Power Adapter, Input 100-240V AC
FunctionPhoto, Video, Meaure, Compare
USB 2.0 To Win 7, Win10 System, Software S-Eye Included
Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, White Balance Adjustable
10x Digital Zoom, 4 Split/ 2 Split Windows Image Compae
Storage To TF Card
Cross Line With Scale, Calibrated
Net Line 8 Kinds, Width & Color Adjustable
Size / WeightProduct Size 225x52x175mm, Net Weight 0.7Kg
Standard PackageLCD Camera, USB 2.0 Cable, Mouse, DC12V Power Adapter
USB Mouse Measure
1. Insert the mouse into the camera Type-A USB 2.0 port, connect 12V power supply to camera.

2. Turn on the power switch, when the camera is running, the LED light turns blue

3. Move the mouse to the top left corner of the screen to call up the MAIN MENU, including icon :
Take Photo, Record Video, Preview, Measure, Setting.

4. Move the mouse to the middle position at the bottom of the screen to call up the
QUICK MENU, including icon:
Zoom In, Zoom Out, Up/Dow Mirror, Left/Right Mirror, Black/White, HDR, Freeze, Net, Font, 2 Split, 4 Split

5. Click the
MEASURE icon to pop up the measure window, which support over 20 kinds of measurement graphics.

6. Click the EDIT button and fill in the name to of new ruler to
CALIBRATE.Move the mouse to the corresponding standard scale in the image display window and draw a standard length scale line. Then fill in the length column and click SAVE to complete the calibration setting. If you want to add more ruler, just repeat above steps.

7.Click mm/PX to open or close the screen scale.

Windows Measure
8. If the USB port is directly connected to the computer, the screen and the computer can be displayed synchronously (the USB cable must be connected to the computer before the device is powered on)

9. S-EYE Measure Software: Length: Straight Line Length, Broken Line Length, Curve Length, Parallel Line Distance, Point Line Distance, Line Length Geometry: Radius Circle, Two-point Circle, Three-point Circle, Concentric Circle, Radius Circle, Two-point Circle, Three-point Circle Geometric Area:Polygon, Square Remark: Point Coordinates, Crosshairs, Coordinate Systems, Text Notes
Optional AccessoriesCata.No.
EyepieceWF15x/15mm, High-eyepointA51.1520-15
WF20x/10mm, High-eyepointA51.1520-20
Auxiliary Lens0.5x,W.D. 177mmA52.1520-05
0.75x,W.D. 120mmA52.1520-75
2.0x,W.D. 30mmA52.1520-20
Light SourceUpper 56 LEDs Right Light Brightness AdjustableA56.2103-A
Digital CameraHDMI+USB+TF Digital Camera, 38.0M, USB MeasureA59.4231
7"LCD Digital Camera, AV OutputA59.5107
9"LCD Digital Camera, AV OutputA59.5109
CCD AdapterEyepiece Adapter + 0.5x C-MountA55.1520-05

Model No. A36.1502
New Product Year
Optical System
Standard Magnification
Optional Magnification
Head Type
Seidentopf Trinocular
Head Inclination
Head Rotation
Head Rotate 360°
Head Interpupillary
Head Diopter
Both Tube Adjustable
Head Light Path
Switch E100:P0/E0:P100
Eyepiece Features
Wide Field
Eyepiece Diameter
Working Distance
WF10x/20mm, 2 pcs
Objective Type
CMO (Stereo)
Focusing Type
Coarse Focus Only
Light Source Type
Reflect Light
56 LEDs Right Light Brightness Adjustable
Power Supply Type
AC 100V-240V Wide Voltage
Video Adapter
Digital Eyepice 23.2mm
C-Mount 1.0x
Stereo Zoom Ratio
Stereo Stand Type
Pole Stand
Stereo Stand
B1 Stand
Camera Type
Camera Features
Camera Pixel
Camera Sensor Size
Camera Screen Size
Camera Mounting
Camera Output
TF Card
System Support
Win7, 64 Bits
Win10, 64 Bits
A52.1520-05 Auxiliary Lens
A52.1520-75 Auxiliary Lens
A52.1520-20 Auxiliary Lens

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