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Trinocular APO Fluorescence Microscope
Trinocular APO Fluorescence Microscope


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Trinocular APO Fluorescence Microscope

  • Supply Ability:500 piece / Month
  • Country of Origin:China Port

A16.0910 Fluorescence Microscope, APO
Optical SystemInfinity Optical System, Semi-Aprochromatic

Trinocular Head, 30°inclined, Inverted Image,Interpupillary Distance 50~76mm,Three Split Ratio 0:100; 20:80; 100:0

High-Eyepoint Plan Eyepeiece PL10X/25mm,Diopter Adjustable
NosepieceBF Sextuple Nosepiece, With Socket For DIC

Infinity Plan Semi-Aprochromatic Fluorescent Objective:
4x/0.13, W.D.=16.43mm
10x/0.3, W.D.=8.13mm
20x/0.5, W.D.=2.03mm
40x/0.75, W.D.=0.74mm
100x/1.3, W.D.=0.18mm

Working StageDouble Layer Mechanical Stage, 187*166mm, Moving Range 80*55mm,Precision 0.1mm,Double Direction Transmission, Left And Right Position Handle For Option. Tension Of The Torque Adjustable.
FocusingCoaxial Focus System With Upper Limited And Tension Adjustment, Coarse Adjustment Range:25mm, Fine Adjustment Precision: 0.001mm.
CondenserSwing-Out Achromatic Condenser, N.A.0.9
Light Source12V100W Halogen Lamp, Center Adjusted,
Adopt Digital Dimming System, With LED Indicator, With The Fnction Of Light Set And Reset
Power100-240V Built-in Wideband Voltage Transformer,
Fluorescent System--Six Position Disc Reflection Fluorescent Koehler Illumination, With IRIS Diaphragm And Aperture Diaphragm, All Center Adjustable. Socket For Filter Inserter And Polarizer Device, With The Fluorescent Llight Shield In The Front
--100W mercury lamphouse
--Digital power control box of mercury lamp,voltage 90-240V
--Imported 100W DC mercury bulb(OSRAM)
--Fluorescence Filter, B,G,UV
--Attenuation Plate(Transmittance 50%)
A16.0910 Fluorescence Microscope, APO Optional Accessories
EyepieceHigh-eyepoint Plan eyepeiece PL10X/26.5mm,diopter adjustableA51.0904-10265T
High-eyepoint Plan eyepeiece PL10X/25mm,diopter adjustable, with micrometerA51.0905-1025Tr
HeadTrinocular Head, 30°inclined, ErectImage,Interpupillary Distance 50~76mm,Three Split Ratio 0:100; 20:80; 100:0A53.0913-E
NosepieceBF Septuple Nosepiece, With Socket For DICA54.0930-R7
BF Quintuple Nosepiece, With Socket For DICA54.0930-R5
AdapterC-Mount 0.5x, FocusableA55.0930-05
C-Mount 0.65xA54.0930-65
Fluorescent System--Fluorescence Filter, VA5F.0923-V1
--Attenuation Plate(Transmittance 25%)A5F.0925-25R

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