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Disc Flourescence Microscope,APO
Disc Flourescence Microscope,APO


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Disc Flourescence Microscope,APO


A16.0903 Disc Fluorescence Microscope, APO
Optical SystemColor Corrected Infinity Optical System
Trinocular, 30° Inclinded, 360° Rotatable, Interpupillary Distance 54~75mm, Diopter Adjustable +/-5°

PL10x/22m, High Eyepoint, With Eye-cup

NosepieceReversed Quintuple Nosepiece
ObjectiveSemi-APO Infinity Plan Fluorescence Achromatic Objectives
4x/0.13, W.D. 15.13mm
10x/0.30, W.D. 8.53mm
20x/0.50, W.D. 2.33mm
40x/0.75, W.D. 0.55mm
100x/1.30 W.D. 0.21mm
Working StageDouble Layer Mechanical Stage, 175*145mm, Moving Range 75*50mm, Moving Precision 0.1mm
FocusingLow Position Coaxial Focusing System, WIth Tension Adjustment and Up-limit. Coarse Focusing Range 25mm, Fine Focusing Precision 0.002mm
CondenserN.A.1.2/0.22 Swing Achromatic Condenser, With Scale Marked Diaphragm
IlluminationBuilt-in Koehler Illumination 6V30W Halogen Light (Philips 5761), Brightness Continously Adjustable, Center Pre-fixed
FilterBlue Filter Dia.45mm
Attenuation Plate, Transmit Ratio 25%
AdapterC-Mount, 0.67x, For 2/3"CCD, Focus Adjustable
Fluorescence Illumination
Disc 6 Holes Reflection Flurescent Koehler Illmination, With Alterable Field Diahragm, Aperture Diaphragm, All Cente Adjustable
Newly Designed Disc Filter Switching Mechanism, With 6 Holes Can Equiped With 6 Filters At Same Time
Mercury Lamp Housing With Viewfinder, Center And Focal Length Of Viewfinder Or Filametn Can Be Adjusted
Digital Power Control Box For Mercury Lamp, Wide Voltage 90~245V AC
Eye Protecting Board
LampOSRAM 100W DC Mercury Bulb, Centered to Objective
Fluorescnet Filter
OilFluorescent Free Oil
Power90~240V Wide Range Voltage
StandErgonomic Design, The Inverted"Y"Shape, Support Microscope Extra Lateral Stability
A16.0903 Disc Fluorescence Microscope, APO Optional Accessories
Item No.
EyepiecePL10x/22m, High EyepointA51.0903-1516
PL10x/22r, Plan Eyepiece with Cross, High Eyepoint A51.0905-1022r
Fluorescnet FilterOSRAM V, For Disc IlluminatorA5F.0923-V1
Dark Field Dark Field Condenser, Dry, N.A=0.9 A5D.0912-D
Dark Field Condenser, Immersion, N.A=1.2 A5D.0912-W
A5C.0905-IPInfinity Plan Phase Contrast SetCentering Telescope A5C.0910-30
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 10x/0.25, W.D. 4.70mmA5C.0636-10
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 20x/0.25, W.D. 1.75mmA5C.0636-20
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 40x/0.65, W.D. 0.72mmA5C.0636-40
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 100x/1.25, W.D.0.15mmA5C.0636-100
Infinity Phase Contract Disc Condenser, Abbe N.A.1.25A5C.0912-PCI
Polarizing SetPolarizer, Dia. 45mmA5P.0917-P
Analyizer Slide A5P.0917-A
λ SlideA5P.0917-C1
Rotatable Working StageA5P.0917-RW
FilterYellow, Dia.45mm A56.0935-XYY
Green, Dia.45mm A56.0935-XYG
Neutral, Dia.45mm A56.0935-XYF
Attenuation Plate, Transimision 50%, Use with 6 Hole Disc IlluminatorA5F.0925-50R
AdapterC-Mount, 1.0x, Focus AdjustableA22..0926-10
C-Mount, 0.50x, For 1/2"CCD, Focus AdjustableA22..0926-50
C-Mount, 0.35x, For 1/3"CCD, Focus AdjustableA22..0926-35

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