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Metallurgical Microscope, BF/DF, DIC
Metallurgical Microscope, BF/DF, DIC
Metallurgical Microscope, BF/DF, DIC
Metallurgical Microscope, BF/DF, DIC
Metallurgical Microscope, BF/DF, DIC


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Metallurgical Microscope, BF/DF, DIC

  • Modularization Function Design For BF/DF, DIC, Polarizing View For Metallurgical Lab
  • LWD Infinity BD Plan Objective (No Cover Glass) For DIC
  • DIC Push-Pull Group Slide For 5x/10x/20x Objective
  • Epi Illumination Intergrate Field Diaphragm, Aperture Diaphragm, Filters Switching Device For Y,B,G And Ground Glass Filters
  • Reflect Halogen Light Source For Metallurigcal Observe

A13.0212 Metallurgical Microscope, BF/DF, DIC, PolarizingA13.0212-BD-DIC-BDDICCata. No.
HeadTrinocular, Inclination 30°, Rotatable 360°, Interpupillary 53~75mm,  Left Side Eyepiece Tube Diopter Adjustable ±5°, Switch E100:P0/E0:P100 
NosepieceQuintuple, Ball Bearing Inner Locating 
LWD Infinity
Bright Field
Plan Objective
(No Cover Glass)
PLL2.5x/0.07mm, W.D.13mm    
PLL5x/0.12mm, W.D.26.1mm   A5M.0235-5
PLL10x/0.25mm, W.D.20.2mm   A5M.0235-10A
PLL20x/0.40mm, W.D.8.8mm   A5M.0235-20
PLL40x/0.60mm, W.D.3.98mm, Spring  A5M.0235-40
PLL50x/0.70mm, W.D.3.68mm, Spring A5M.0235-50
PLL60x/0.70mm, W.D.3.18mm, Spring   A5M.0235-60A
PLL80x/0.80mm, W.D.1.25mm, Spring   A5M.0235-80
PLL100x/0.85mm, W.D.0.4mm, Spring   A5M.0235-100
LWD Infinity
Bright/Dark Field
Plan Objective
(No Cover Glass)
BD PLL5x/0.12mm, W.D.9.7mm   A5M.0237-5
BD PLL10x/0.25mm, W.D.9.3mm   A5M.0237-10
BD PLL20x/0.40mm, W.D.7.2mm   A5M.0237-20
BD PLL40x/0.60mm, W.D.3.0mm, Spring   A5M.0237-40
BD PLL50x/0.70mm, W.D.2.5mm, Spring  A5M.0237-50
BD PLL60x/0.75mm, W.D.1.9mm, Spring   A5M.0237-60
BD PLL80x/0.80mm, W.D.0.8mm, Spring   A5M.0237-80
BD PLL100x/0.85mm, W.D.0.22mm, Spring   A5M.0237-100
BD PLL100x/0.85mm, W.D.0.40mm, Spring   A5M.0237-100A
LWD Infinity DIC 
Plan Objective
(No Cover Glass)
LMPlan 5x/0.12mm, W.D.15.0mm   A5M.0238-5D
LMPlan 10x/0.3mm, W.D.10.5mm   A5M.0238-10B
LMPlan 20x/0.40mm, W.D.4.5mm   A5M.0238-20A
LWD Infinity DIC
Bright/Dark Field

BD LMPlan 5x/0.12mm, W.D.7.9mm   A5M.0239-5A
BD LMPlan 10x/0.3mm, W.D.6.03mm   A5M.0239-10A
BD LMPlan 20x/0.40mm, W.D.1.4mm   A5M.0239-20A
DIC Observation5x/10x/20x DIC Push-Pull Group Slide   
Working StageDouble Layer Mechanical Stage, Size 185x140mm, Moving Range 35x30mm 
StandMetal Stand 300x240mm 
FocusingCoaxial Coarse & Fine Focu, With Tension Adjustment And Up Stop, Fine Focusing Minimum Division 2um 
6V30W Halogen Lamp, Brightness Adjustable    
12V50W Halogen Lamp, Brightness Adjustable  
Epi Illumination Intergrate Field Diaphragm, Aperture Diaphragm, Filter Switching Device For Yellow, Blue, Green Filter & Ground Glass 
PolarizingPush-Pull Type Polarizer 
Built-in Analyzer And Swithching Freely 
Adapter0.4x C-MountA55.0202-1
1.0x C-MountA55.0202-2
0.5x C-Mount With Dividing 0.1mm/DivA55.0202-3
0.5x C-MountA55.0202-4
Digital SLR Camera Adapter for Canon EFA55.0204-1
Remark:  '' Means Standard Outfit, '' Means Optional
Model No. A13.0212-BDDIC A13.0212
Coaxial Illumination
Motorized Control
Motorized Control
Optical System
Infinity Plan Infinity Plan
Standard Magnification
50x-500x 50x-500x
Optional Magnification
25x-2000x 50x-1000x
Head Type
Seidentopf Trinocular Seidentopf Trinocular
Head Inclination
30°+90° 30°+90°
Head Rotation
Head Rotate 360° Head 360°
Head Interpupillary
50~76mm 54~75mm
Eyepiece Features
Wide Field Wide Field
Eyepiece Diameter
23.2mm 23.2mm
WF10x/22mm, 2 pcs
WF10x/18mm, 2 pcs

Parfocal Distance 10mm
Nosepiece Holes
5 Holes 5 Holes
Nosepiece Features
Center Adjustable Center Adjustable
Objective Type
Infinity Plan
BD (Bright & Dark Field)
Infinity Plan
LWD Infinity BD Plan Objective
(No Cover Glass), For DIC

BD LMPlan 5x/0.12mm, W.D.7.9mm

BD LMPlan 10x/0.3mm, W.D.6.03mm

BD LMPlan 20x/0.40mm, W.D.1.4mm

BD PLL50x/0.70mm, W.D.2.5m
Infinity LWD Plan Achromatic, Bright Field

PLL5x/0.12, W.D. 26.1mm

PLL10x/0.25, W.D.20.2mm

PLL20x/0.40, W.D.8.80mm

PLL50x/0.70, W.D.3.68mm
Working Stage Feature
Large Size >140x140mm Large Size >140x140mm
Working Stage Size
Metal Base 300x240mm Metal Base 300x240mm
Working Stage Moving
35*30mm 35*30mm
Focusing Features
Tension Adjustable Tension Adjustable
Focusing Scale
0.002mm 0.002mm
Light Source Feature
Light Source Type
Halogen Halogen
Reflect Light
6V30W Halogen, Brightness Adjustable 6V30W Halogen, Brightness Adjustable
Power Supply Type
AC 90V-240V Wide Voltage AC 90V-240V Wide Voltage
Push/Pull Polarizer And Analyzer Push/Pull Polarizer And Analyzer
Phase Contrast
DIC Slide Match 5x/10x/20x Objectives, Horizontal Adjustable ——
Other Specification
DIC Slide Match 5x/10x/20x Objectives, Horizontal Adjustable ——

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