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A32.0601-9000DPL Tripod Stand USB Digital Stereo Microscope
A32.0601-9000DPL Tripod Stand USB Digital Stereo Microscope


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A32.0601-9000DPL Tripod Stand USB Digital Stereo Microscope



The digital video zoom microscope combines the tradtional optical technology and digital imaging technology and offers high quality video images. It can solve the problems generated by using a traditional microscope that requires a strict environment. Equipped with high performance Nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery, it can be used for longer inspection time in fieldwork.

With powerful functions of real-time micro-photography, video recording and measurement, on-site high-speed image acquisition, digital image input to PC for inspection, image storage, video recording, measurement at micron-level and image output can be realized. It is a good substitute for a traditional optical magnifier, stereo microscpe, comparing microscope, video measurement system and micro-photographing instrument. When used in long-distance scene evidence identification, the images of on-site evidence samples can be captured, inspected, compared and measured, and the on-site scene can enter the micro-world instantly.

A32.0601-9000DPL Digital Video Zoom Specification
Zoom Body of Zoom Range
Zoom Ratio
Total Magnification
Semi-plan Achromatic Objective
0.3x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x and 2x (optional)
High-Power Objective Lens
5x and 10x (optional)
Image Sensor
1.3M pixel 1/2"color CMOS
Pixel Size
5.2um x 5.2um
Spectrum Response
Scanning Type
Progressive scanning
Exposal Type
Transmission Rate
16f/s@1280*1024, 30f/s@640*480, 30f/s@320*240
White Balance
Automatic operation supported
Exposal Control
Manual opertion supported
Image Output
USB2.0, 480Mb/s
FunctionImage capture, video recording and measuring function
Laser PointerWave length: 650nm
Working Temperature0-50 degree
Minimum System Requirement

Windows 2000, XP and Vista Operation System

PIII 800 CPU or above
256MB Memory or above
64MB video memory or above
USB2.0 interfaces
1024*768 resolution monitor or above
Tilt ball head
Super mag slider

Extension bar

Laptop tray
Connector of tilt ball head
IlluminationFiber optia illuminator(Input 120v(max.)60hz)
Fiber optia illuminator(Input 240v(max.)50hz)
Dual pipe light guide
Optional Accessories
0.3x, Semi-Plan, Outer Dia.30mm, W.D.331mmA52.0626-03
0.5x, Semi-Plan, Outer Dia.30mm, W.D.198mmA52.0626-05
0.75x, Semi-Plan, Outer Dia.30mm, W.D.131mmA52.0626-75
1.5x, Semi-Plan, Outer Dia.30mm, W.D.63mmA52.0626-15
2.0x, Semi-Plan, Outer Dia.30mm, W.D.46mmA52.0626-20
5x Infinity corrected long working distance objective A52.0627-5
10x Infinity corrected long working distance objective A52.0627-10
Illumination Accessories
Iris DiaphragmA56.0606
LED side lightA56.0607
Polarizing MicroscopePolarizerA5P.0602
Rechargeable Battery
4.8V 2200mA/h, Nickel hydrogen batteryA50.0602
Battery Charger, Input Voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz, Output Voltage 6.0-6.5V, Current 250-350mAA50.0602-R

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